The Modern Minimalist Kitchen: Moving Edition

We recently moved less than a mile up the road from our townhouse to a new single family home with a porch and a yard. It came with an all white kitchen that is as functional as it is beautiful. We spent several weeks organizing the “guts” of the kitchen to serve our needs as a busy family. Here is what we found helpful along the way.

The Modern Minimalist Guide to Unpacking a Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home for most families, so setting up your kitchen in zones will help you stay organized. Once the moving boxes are in and you are ready to begin unpacking, start with your kitchen. This will likely eliminate the highest quantity of boxes in the shortest time and allow you to begin enjoying your new home at meal time. Follow these three simple steps to achieve a modern minimalist kitchen.

Step 1: Identify your kitchen “golden triangle”

The kitchen work triangle, or golden triangle, is a concept used to determine efficient kitchen layouts that are both aesthetic and functional. The primary tasks in a home kitchen are carried out between the cook top, the sink, and the refrigerator. (Source: Wikipedia)

Kitchen Golden Triangle_ The Modern Minimalists


Step 2: Map out your major work zones

Using sticky notes, create a visual map in your kitchen of these primary work zones before you unpack your first box.

  1. Prep

    Stand facing your refrigerator. Identify the easiest path to the stove. Reference your golden work triangle (sink, stove, refrigerator).

    • Location: ideally the largest surface area within your kitchen work triangle.
    • Kitchen Items: 
      • Cutting Boards
      • Knives
      • Measuring Cups
      • Mixing Bowls
      • Tools used to prepare meals
  2. Cook

    Stand facing your stove. If you are right hand dominant, the ideal space would be to the right of the stove. If you are left hand dominant, your ideal cook work zone would be to the left of the stove.

    • Location: Within arm’s reach of the cook top
    • Kitchen Items: 
      • Pots
      • Pans
      • Cooking Utensils (wooden spoons, spatulas)
      • Baking Sheets
      • Cooking Mits
      • Tools used during cooking
  3. Serve

    Stand in your primary dining and/or entertaining area. Identify the closest storage space between you and your kitchen.

    • Location: Close to the dining or entertaining area. Note: Everyday utensils will be organized in the next step.
    • Kitchen Items: 
      • Serving Platters and Bowls
      • Specialty or Holiday China
      • Entertaining Barware and Drinkware
      • Carafes
      • Cake Stands
      • Holiday Themed Entertaining Items
  4. Store

    Stand in the middle of your kitchen golden triangle. Look for an available space near the refrigerator away from cleaning supplies.

    • Location: Close to the refrigerator in stacked drawers and cabinets.
    • Kitchen Items: 
      • Glass Storage Containers
      • Plastic Storage Containers (Preferably BPA-Free)
      • Food Storage Bags
      • Aluminum Foil
      • Wax Paper
      • Plastic Wrap
  5. Clean-up

    Stand facing your sink and/or dishwasher, whichever you prefer. Look for large lower cabinets.

    • Location: Under the sink is most efficient, or open cabinets around the sink.
    • Kitchen Items: 
      • Dishwashing rags, brushes, scrubs
      • Towels
      • Soap
      • Cleaning Solutions (Preferably Non-Toxic)
      • Drying Racks or Mats

Step 3: Unpack Everyday Dishes and Utensils

Stand facing your dishwasher. Look for unoccupied top cabinets and drawers within one step in either direction for everyday dishes and utensils. This will make your daily routine much more efficient and less stressful.

The Modern Minimalist Guide to Unpacking a Kitchen

We love hearing new ideas and seeing pictures of your own modern minimalist space. Leave us a comment with your thoughts, ideas, and photos below.


Elizabeth + Jason

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    This is so helpful! Thank you!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Ashleigh. Thanks for letting us know!


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